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For your Pearl
Snorkel the Pearl Beds &
                Coral Garden 


Join our pearl divers and explore the coral garden where the pearl oyster lives in perfect harmony.

Anapa Pearl Farm

Where nature creates perfection.



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Discover the mystery of the black pearl and experience an unforgettable pearl harvest on Raiatea.


Coral Garden & Pearl Bed Snorkeling Adventure

Dive For Your Pearl Snorkeling Adventure

The most unique experience in the islands



Overnight Yacht Moorings


Boat shuttle


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"Pearl diving in Raiatea, to be able to dive down..find your own oyster..and harvest your very own unique Tahitian pearl was one of the most amazing experiences. Thank you Anapa Perles for a great experience and an unforgettable memory!" 

"PERFECT!!! Don't miss seeing this working pearl can see how pearls are made... and snorkel through the pearl farm seeing the oysters, sea life and coral. It is so much fun and educational ...I am so glad we did it. Our hosts were so friendly...I loved their boutique showing some of the most beautiful pearl jewelry... Every piece is unique and their price is great... I highly recommend it.

"Great Place for black pearls. What a treat. This place was awesome not to mention the great selection of pearls. The snorkeling was also awesome. We got a great deal on numerous pearls for my girls. A great place to visit!"


Overnight Yacht Moorings 

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GPS Coordinates

-16.78721224208683, -151.49907249924897

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As seen in Vogue, National Geographique, Sail and displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, England.

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