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Pearl Connoisseur

Truly appreciating the beauty of pearls is like appreciating the fineness of great wines.
A few essential notions of what to look for from the experts and you will be on your way to recognizing quality pearls. The Gemological Institute of America has defined the five criteria for grading cultured pearls. Take a moment to peruse our quality guide and discover the unique beauty of nature’s rarest gift, The Pearl of Tahiti.
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The Gemological Institute of America has defined the five criterias
for grading cultured pearls:
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Sublime perfection...exotic baroques, eccentric circled, classic teardrops and the rarest of all, the true round... Let the beauty of Tahiti inspire you and choose the pearl which expresses you !
Every pearl is unique....
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Perles de Tahiti range in size from 7 mm pearls perfect for earrings to extremely rare 17 - 20 mm pearls. The larger the pearl indicates the maturity of the oyster and the time it has spent developing within the mother of pearl. The rarest of all, rounds of this size are true collection pieces.
Beautiful in any size, choosing your pearl diameter is simply a matter of personal preference...
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Tahitian mythology  tells us about  the story of Oro, the ancient god of peace and fertillity who brought the black pearl oyster to earth upon a rainbow... From Midnight black to champagne and chocolate, aubergine, pistachio, aqua, rose and silver.  The palette of colors is as rich as the many nuances of a rainbow.
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Purity of surface

The purity of surface, whether a pearl is blemished or marked is integral to proper classification and understanding the quality meter of pearls.
A   The highest quality, an A pearl must have exceptional luster and orient.
      One or two light «beauty marks» are acceptable. 

B   Minor blemishes, good luster and orient.

C   Many blemishes, poor luster and orient.
D   Deep blemishes, no luster and orient.
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One of the most important criterias for grading your pearl is the level of orient and luster your pearl radiates. Pearls of the highest quality have a reflective mirror-like effect allowing you to see deeply into their depths, as clear as crystal. Pearls radiating a dull or tarnished orient are lower quality.
Luster is the finish or polish of a pearl. Quality pearls should all have a natural sheen to them.
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Pearl Care

The pearls true element…the ocean
If the lagoons of Tahiti and her islands are too far, occasionally bathe your pearls in salted water and gloss with a bit of olive oil and a soft cloth.
  • Store your pearls in the Anapa pearl pouch and protect them from gold or diamond jewelry, as these can scratch your pearls.
  • Perfume, cosmetics and hair spray should be applied before wearing your pearls. Never wear your pearls in a chlorinated pool.
  • Above all, wear your pearls; your natural oils keep them lustrous.
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